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Celebrity Worship

November 3, 2012 5 comments

A conversation I had on Facebook with Katrina.

Katrina- (…)but what’s not cool is me not getting to see Z** E**** while he’s in my country .

Me- That message gave me cancer.

Katrina- Don’t tell me you hate Z** E****,please don’t.

Me- I dont hate anyone,I just can’t understand why people worship celebrities.

Katrina- I dont worship him, I think I’m actually in love with him. 

Me- That message gave me a second cancer.

She’s a blogger too,you can read her blog here.

So,let’s get started…

It doesn’t take much effort to realize that a huge amount of people, especially teenage girls, worship celebrities,especially “handsome” actors and singers. They treat them like gods, super-humans, when they’re still just normal people like you and me. They copy their behavior and appearance,they shut their minds off and agrees with everything their idols say,even the simpler phrases sounds like deep and meaningful quotes. They have been blinded by the fake image media have created for certain people.

I’ve never worshiped anything or anyone,let alone someone just because of his looks. That would be the most stupid and insulting thing to myself I would ever done. But I see people everywhere talking for their experience of meeting someone famous in a way that you think that they achieved the ultimate goal of their life and the problem is this is what they think,they truly believe that it’s “the best/one of the best moments of their life”. Seeing those people running,trying to touch a celebrity while crying because of their…I don’t know…”something”,is one of the most tragic things I have ever seen.

And all the above are mainly for the celebrities of today. Because in the past being a famous meant that you had accomplished something scientific,political,cultural,ideological etc.Today you don’t have to accomplish anything,media do all the work for you.All this western culture influence have created a new social disorder, Celebritism,people are trying to be the centre of attention using social media or any other tool they can to become famous.All this influence that these idols have on their fans is one more massive social controlling tool.One way to find out if you’re a victim of social control is to see if what you do,wear,watch,listen even think is what the majority of the people do,if it is,then you are following the crowd and you are just another sheep in this mindless herd. You have no personal style,you are just a copy.

Our choices are a near perfect mirror of our personality.If we waste our life worshiping a pack of garbage then we aren’t much different from it,but instead of that we can go to another direction,where we don’t worship,where we don’t follow anyone and we are our own light in this dark human world.


I Need A Change.

October 28, 2011 2 comments

My life is becoming a daily routine.Home-School.School-Home.And then study till the night.Even when I have spare time I’m too tired to do anything creative with it,I just log in to Facebook or play a PC game or watch Youtube videos to relax…nothing special.Losing myself for the sake of my future?…kind of contradicts itself.But I need a change,I don’t know what this change might be but I’m sure I need it.

This is not exactly the change I’m talking about lol

But hey,I miss those times when I used to do bunch of creative things like writing songs,lyrics,scripts,poems,creating and editing pictures.

I miss those summer mornings when I was free of obligations and I could do whatever I wanted to do.

I miss going out and taking photos of the beautiful nature.

I miss watching the sunset.

I miss trying to make sense of life…

I miss those days O_O

Now my life is just a daily routine that I go through everyday.


(Picture by

And I’m not a robot!……Or am I?…..Are we?……Are we robots of today’s society?                 (hmmm…)




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Society Is Anti-Me

March 16, 2011 2 comments

Am I antisocial?

No,I’m not antisocial,society is anti-me.

Let’s see how our social environment form opinions about what is right and what is wrong.

Kill someone in a war,get a medal,you are hero.Kill someone in the street,go to prison,you are terrorist.

See?Same actions,different reactions.Why?Because that’s what society have made you believe it’s right and wrong.

Why again?Because war is one of the most profitable activities on this planet.

Also notice that society itself is anti-social.It’s supposed to unite people not divide them.

You are rich,you are successful.You are famous,you are successful.You are poor,you are unsuccessful.You have a serious health problem,you are unsuccessful.You don’t work in an office,you aren’t a doctor,you haven’t finished school,you are unsuccessful.etc……

You want to control society?You need stupid society.

You need stupid society?You need stupid people.

What about youth people?Let’s talk about their habits.

Same meaningless music.Same kind of entertainment(clubs).Same stupid conversations every day about facebook,Myspace,fashion or friend’s relationships.Same DUMB TV shows showing those who some call “idols”,useless,idiot,fake people  that we give them value by watching them.

It’s easier to control a mass of people than a single individual.

Society in our day has set some right and wrong ways of living.If you don’t follow them,you are anti-social.If you follow them you are just another sheep in the herd.

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