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What’s the most tempting mistake?

May 14, 2013 2 comments

To feel and make yourself get hurt?
To open yourself to someone knowing that it may not worth it?
To hope while you already know it’s not going to happen?
To fall in “love” realizing that it’s not going to end well?
To promise although it’s not really necessary?
To wait for someone when you are not their first choice?
To be the only one trying?
To make sacrifices alone?
To cry for someone who doesn’t cry for you?
To apologize when you don’t really mean it?
To make someone feel bad because it pleases you?
To fall for stupid temptations?
To ignore the consequences?
To take some things for granted?
To pretend you like something when you really don’t?
To care for things you shouldn’t?
To lie about something for no reason?
To try to be someone else?
To be afraid of saying things you want to say?
To smile while deep inside you’re dying?


Different Stories. Same Endings.

April 13, 2013 Leave a comment

He had been recovering. He said he won’t search anymore, he won’t expect anything anymore.

But then, for the first time a temptation knocked his door. He opened. The same chain of events started occurring again, just like all the other times. And as in the past, it always ends the same.

He said he was happy for her, while deep inside he was wasn’t. He wanted her to be his and only his. Like a property, like a slave.

How can someone so selfish, love?

He can’t.