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Society Is Anti-Me

March 16, 2011 2 comments

Am I antisocial?

No,I’m not antisocial,society is anti-me.

Let’s see how our social environment form opinions about what is right and what is wrong.

Kill someone in a war,get a medal,you are hero.Kill someone in the street,go to prison,you are terrorist.

See?Same actions,different reactions.Why?Because that’s what society have made you believe it’s right and wrong.

Why again?Because war is one of the most profitable activities on this planet.

Also notice that society itself is anti-social.It’s supposed to unite people not divide them.

You are rich,you are successful.You are famous,you are successful.You are poor,you are unsuccessful.You have a serious health problem,you are unsuccessful.You don’t work in an office,you aren’t a doctor,you haven’t finished school,you are unsuccessful.etc……

You want to control society?You need stupid society.

You need stupid society?You need stupid people.

What about youth people?Let’s talk about their habits.

Same meaningless music.Same kind of entertainment(clubs).Same stupid conversations every day about facebook,Myspace,fashion or friend’s relationships.Same DUMB TV shows showing those who some call “idols”,useless,idiot,fake people  that we give them value by watching them.

It’s easier to control a mass of people than a single individual.

Society in our day has set some right and wrong ways of living.If you don’t follow them,you are anti-social.If you follow them you are just another sheep in the herd.

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