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A new day.

August 1, 2013 Leave a comment

                                      “Weep not for roads untraveled.
                                         Weep not for sights unseen.”
  Why would you cry for a road that you never traveled? For a path left lone? Is it because you saw a bright light on that road? An illusion of a starlight? So you thought  that it’s the right way but when you got closer it faded away. Disappeared completely. All your hopes and expectations died in a few seconds. So you are standing there speechless, with no direction. Wondering why. All you have to do is remember that you only walk one road at a time so if you can’t walk one you’ll go to another. That’s all I have to do.
I didn’t ask for the life I was given but I have no choice other than face it and do my best with it. Yeah it has been a bitch a lot of times, I’ve been treated like shit, rejected, thrown away like garbage but bitching about it won’t change anything. You’ve been hurt Chilly? You see this road came to an unexpected end? Again? So what? Go cry to yo mama if you think that’s gonna help. It’s simple. Keep walking. Left all the mess behind. Was it a mistake? It wasn’t? Doesn’t matter. Put yourself together, regain what you’ve lost during this period and keep walking. Where? You lost your sense of direction? Well, don’t walk the same paths again, don’t make the same mistakes because you’ll end up walking in circles. Try new ones. Without losing your sense of purpose. Whatever happens, happens.
Every goodbye hurts. Especially the ones that you wish you never said, for people you care even if they don’t, but sometimes it’s the only choice they give you. Was it dream? At least I got my conscious clear. My intentions never changed neither my behavior and I’m not lost. You’ll never know what I became because of you.
A new day is coming and I got to keep myself together. Yeah a lot of crap is coming to me but I should have got used to it already. No more tears, no more fights, no more sacrifices for people not worthing it.

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“Right” Path

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Being Alone

February 3, 2012 4 comments

I’ve always been that isolated kid

Far away from the crowd

Never tried to be the center of attention

Never tried to be someone else

Being alone is more a choice than a feeling

It’s a path I’ve chosen to go

Even though sometimes I wonder if I chose it or it chose me

Walking this path all alone

Without following anyone

Occasionally I stop to look behind

But no one’s there

Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me

Until then I walk alone

Nobody said it’s easy

Sometimes it’s hard indeed

Sometimes I hate my life

But hate everyone else’s more

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong place,in the wrong time

Like I’m lost

Like I don’t belong here

Like I need to run far away from everything and everyone

But..Can I?

It’s not loneliness that makes this journey hard

But it’s accepting the fact that out of all the people I know

No one ever tried to be with me

Rejection is one of the most painful feelings one can have…

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