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Same old story.

You said you wanted to dissappear. To start again. To free yourself. And here you are again, locked inside a room with the same old fears. The same old story that you are familiar with. Writing songs you will never sing, poems you will never read, thoughts you will never share.

You were all alone, searching for something that you couldn’t find. Do you even know what are you looking for? Then what are you searching for? Do you know her? Have you met her? Will you meet her? Will you see her? Will you reach her? Will you keep her? You’ll know it when you find it huh? But you doubt everything, you’re never sure of something. You will always search for perfection even if you know that it’s something you’ll never find. Poor little boy. Your only gift is a curse. Your walls are too high and when let your guard down you end in the category of retarded and broken hearted. Can’t you see that you always bleed the same? But you’re still dumb thinking “maybe this time..”. Well, I’m curious about how many times you’re gonna say it till you realize that it always ends the same. Every fucking time the ending is the same.

Categories: alone, My Life
  1. July 27, 2013 at 11:00

    How is it going, Billy ?

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