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How To Live In This Insane World Sanely?

Watch this video before you start reading.

“If you say getting the money is the most important thing,you will spent your life completely wasting your time”

Our whole world revolves around money.Our decisions,from what to wear and what eat to where to go and what to do depends on money.This is the structure of our society and the educational system is one of the main reasons this is happening.It tells us what to think and how to live. Our thoughts become mechanical so does our life.Be born,go to school,get high grades,graduate,get a job,make money,marry someone,have kids and force them to have the same life as you had…

“Get a job”.The main criterion to choose a job is money,not what you like,what you desire but money. There are everywhere sad people having to  waste  8 hours everyday doings things they don’t like to do,cooperating with people they don’t like to see.Think about it,24 hours per day,lets say you sleep 8 hours,from the 16 hours that you are awake the 8 of them you work.That’s what the world demands you to do,not to be yourself,not to do things you want to do but follow a career(which is a 20th century invention) and waste your life.

But why people follow this patter of life?Well,most of them don’t even think about it,they just run along with the rest. But what about the others?Then ones that have thought about it?Why they decide to follow this lifestyle?Fear is the answer.It’s a fight within themselves.They feel they have to follow the others but they don’t want to and yet they do because they believe that this lifestyle provides them security. Instead,hopefully they will understand that they are not secure because they are always depended,whether on society or their boss,because they need money and when you depend on somebody fear always exists.This way of living provides them also anxiety,anger,frustration and alienation from their own selves.

But if you don’t follow the crowd the whole world is against.You won’t have money,you won’t have a job,you will starve,you may be envious not to be like someone else. You will be alone and you have to stand alone. Can you?It’s very dangerous unless you have the intelligence to withstand the world.You have to find out how to live in this world of mindless slaves and sleeping revolutionists,a world of conformity and comparison,how to live in this insane world sanely.

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